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Meet Our Bishop and First Lady

Bishop, Dr. Jan D. Goodman, Sr. and First Lady, Prophetess Dr. Vera J. Goodman

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From The Heart of Our Bishop:

Dear Friends, As the Bishop and Pastor of One Accord Ministries International, Inc., I would like to invite you to get to know the 21st Century ministry who is in the pursuit of holiness while being about the Word in Action in the City of Jacksonville Florida. We are a ministry of presence who encourages those who are hurting, lost in life, and are looking to repair their spirit, and soul. One Accord has been in existence for 29 years. We got through the Pandemic and have adjusted to the changing times but one thing has never changed. This ministry is based on the WORD of God and is full of love. People have come to this ministry from every background and have found deliverance through the WORD and refuge in the love that comes from the members and the Bishop by their smiles, acts of kindness, encouragement and friendliness. We are located in the North Riverside and Lackawanna area of Jacksonville, Florida; however we serve people locally, nationally, and globally changing lives and giving hope. Lives have changed by a ministry that is “not church as usual”. As we grow we are asking those who desire to know Jesus Christ to come grow with us. We are asking those who will support our growth to take this opportunity to learn more about us and support our effort to build a facility to house this congregation and those are coming for salvation. Thank you!

Bishop, Dr. Jan D. Goodman, Sr.


The Heart of 

Our "Rose"

First Lady, Dr. Vera Goodman is a native of Jacksonville, Fl. Graduating from Ribault Senior High; she continued her education at Florida Community College of Jacksonville receiving an Associate's degree in Computer Science. First Lady,  also received her Bachelor's Degree in Christian Education, a Master's Degree in Christian psychology and an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Sacred Letters, received from Jacksonville Theological Seminary.

In addition to being educated, she is the devoted and loving wife of Bishop Dr. Jan D. Goodman, Sr., pastor and founder of One Accord Ministries International Inc. located in Jacksonville, FL. She is very active in the ministry, and she walks in her Prophetic calling as Senior Evangelist and Spiritual Advisor for JDG Ministries Inc.  Focusing on preaching and teaching the TRUE Word of God, she relies on the calling God gave her at birth.

In addition to her passion for the Word of God, Dr. Vera Goodman is blessed with the gift of song. She has directed, and ministered with many artists worldwide. Producing more than 5 projects with award winning choir, Bishop Dr. Jan D. Goodman, Sr. and the Voices of One Accord, and award winning Gospel group Anointed Praise Arukah, Dr. Goodman walks in Gods purpose as a singer, producer and arranger of Christ Lifting Music. 

From her first two books: “First Lady on the Run,” and “First Lady on the Run: The Journey,” Dr. Goodman is a Woman of God staying on the path of multifaceted ministry, paved by God Himself.

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