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ONE ACCORD MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL, INC. (formerly, One Accord Gospel Temple, Inc.) is a non-denominational Ministry located in Jacksonville, Florida. The Waller Street address borders the North Riverside and Lackawanna areas. This ministry is founded on the principal of winning souls and assisting the needs of the individual and families. ONE ACCORD MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL, INC. is not only interested in the betterment of its members, but the betterment of the greater community in which we serve. We are reaching the community through the provision of social, educational, and cultural programs that meet the needs of families. We offer food and clothing giveaways; etc., spiritual counseling, health education, and mental health coaching. We also offer programs in the arts, which includes dance, drama and music here at One Accord. The actual preached Word that comes directly from the Bible with instructions for our daily lives is presented each Sunday and Tuesday by the Bishop or designated preacher/teacher. The Word is preached in a manner that a small child can comprehend it, and yet will give insight to the greatest of circumstances. Combined with contemporary gospel music and an atmosphere of high praise and worship, ONE ACCORD MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL, INC. reaches out to minister to the very heart of every individual. 

This Ministry was started in 1994, with five members and has grown to a membership over 300 and we are still growing. In December 1999, this Ministry moved to the current location and soon learned that this neighborhood is an area of considerable need. We gained the non-profit status in June of 2000. ONE ACCORD MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL, INC. works diligently to relieve the burden of the people. 

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